Our Successes

Cater Communications has a long history of engaging critical constituencies, reframing debates, and facilitating progress on some of the most consequential clean energy and climate efforts of our time, including:

  • Running a business leaders’ communications campaign that reframed the debate from “environment vs. economy” to “dying, dirty economy vs. growing clean prosperous economy” to pass AB 32, the nation’s first greenhouse gas emissions cap
  • Launching100% for 100%, a Solutions Project clean energy for all campaign, working with celebrities including Mark Ruffalo and Leonardo DiCaprio, garnering worldwide coverage, and galvanizing advocates
  • Working with top-ranking retired military leaders to launch seminal reports on the national security risks of climate change and the US energy posture, which have repeatedly influenced national debate and policy discussion.  Their identification of climate impacts as “threat multipliers” and “catalysts of conflict” have been incorporated into national defense and intelligence policy.
  • Engaging, mobilizing and amplifying the voices of conservative leaders to pass and protect important climate and clean energy policy at the national and state level
  • Working with business leaders to make the economic case for setting robust pollution limits as Northeastern states were negotiating America’s first mandatory price on carbon (RGGI)
  • Creating a drumbeat of support for the California Energy Commission’s energy efficiency standards for appliances and buildings through media outreach and savvy social media campaigns
  • Spearheading key elements of the wildly successful California “No on 23” campaign, which defended AB 32 from a recall effort while winning more votes than any other ballot measure or candidate anywhere in the nation on Election Day, 2010
  • Working with world-renowned experts at the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories to public-private partnerships to support clean-energy innovations
  • Shifting the global transportation conversation by framing and releasing Rethinking Transportation, a report from RethinkX,  that predicts major disruption in the transportation sector by the combined electric, shared, and autonomous vehicles
  • Identifying, engaging and amplifying eloquent voices of consumers, military and business leaders — including auto dealers — in support of passage and in defense of rollback of 54.5 mpg by 2025 fuel economy standards



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